Be Green Services - House Cleaning Reference Guide

Job Description and Details

Contractors (Housekeeping) are responsible for providing home cleaning services of a wide variety to clients. They work in tandem with our Carpet Cleaning Technicians to ensure that client’s homes are sparkling clean and that clients are satisfied.

Here at Be Green, we strive to be transparent with our contractors. We find it creates an environment more conducive to success and effectiveness when we are clear about our ideas and do not fear sharing our entire knowledge base with our hard-working team members. Prepare for greatness, as you embark on a journey to create an empire within our fine organization. Well-Being is our aim, for everyone involved.

The main reason we bring on housekeeping providers with experience is so they can read over our checklist and easily and immediately apply it to the cleaning for the clients. If you have any questions, always feel free to contact us directly. You can contact anyone in scheduling or management directly through our Text Line (855) 578-6344.

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Incentives: Be Green may offer incentives to service providers as financial based motivational tools on a regular basis. Be Green reserves the right to change or withdraw any incentive offers at anytime for any reason. If any incentive offers are implemented they will be done so in a way to benefit the Service Provider. Incentives will never negatively impact the “Guaranteed Base Pay.“

Criteria - To convert yourself to an employee of Be Green Services you will need to meet the following requirements:

Benefits of becoming an employee:

We are happy to do anything they want us to that is practical and safe within the hours they are paying for with the service. Example: We will spend 2 hours organizing and cleaning their kitchen if that is what they want us to do for their 2 Hour Cleaning Service. Within their scheduled time, they can have us clean the oven, fridge, bathrooms, detailing, organizing, laundry, etc. Again, anything that is safe and practical, we are happy to do while we are there!

Always communicate with the customer upon arrival to see what their preferences and goals are for the cleaning. Then we do as much as possible within the time they have paid for, and any additional cleaning can be added by the hour from the hourly rates.

Below is what we explain to our customers:

Cleaning Estimates:
All of our on-going repeat clients become part of our Be Green Family. As a family member, we’re happy to give you the family discount. The below estimates are based on the average time it takes to provide complete satisfaction. Depending on external factors like frequency of use, lifestyle changes and special circumstances these estimates may sometimes become inaccurate. If any particular item or room needs some extra attention it will probably require more time for your housekeeper. On average, cleaning requires about 1 hour for every 500 square feet, and time is always rounded to the nearest half hour. Either way, we’ll always guarantee top quality, all natural house cleaning at a great price.

Our initial deep cleaning service will blow your socks off, and any that might’ve been left under the bed! We’ll thoroughly annihilate any bacteria, or scum invading your home, leaving every nook and cranny delicately spotless and immaculate. Along with all the regular vacuuming, dusting, and bathroom scrubbing, a deep cleaning ensures that the details like baseboards, underneath furniture, electrical outlets, and edges of cabinets don’t get overlooked. On average, our house cleaners work at a pace of about 1 hour for every 300 square feet for an initial cleaning. An initial deep cleaning is required for all first time homes, this way we can set a clean standard and accurately estimate your cleaning requirements moving forward.

Be Green House Cleaning offers a discounted fixed rate and EVERY 12th CLEANING IS FREE for ongoing scheduled cleanings (On-going month's reset every year, therefore any free cleaning credits must be completed within a 12 month period - may not be used in combination with any other promotions).We’re happy to accommodate cleanings on a weekly, bi-weekly (every two weeks), monthly, or bi-monthly (every two months) basis. After an initial deep cleaning (billed hourly), our cleaners will keep your home looking elegant and fresh just the way you like it for one low fixed price. On average, our house cleaners work at a pace of about 1 hour for every 300 square feet for routine cleanings. Our house cleaners will evaluate your needs and expectations and let you set your regular schedule moving forward. Regularly scheduled cleanings may include as many details as you’d like. Including: scrubbing of all bathroom surfaces, outside of appliances, lower level cabinets in the kitchen, washing of all hard floors, vacuuming of carpet, dusting of window sills, ledges, picture frames and reachable light fixtures, changing of linens, vacuuming of furniture, dusting of blinds, emptying all trash and cleaning the inside of appliances. If you'd like to make your own estimate please see our cleaning time averages below:


Thank you for choosing Be Green Services for your House Cleaning!

We strive to create a great experience for our customers. We appreciate any and all feedback.

Please Note: We do not accept cash or checks. We accept only credit or debit card payments.

Please discuss your preferences and goals for the cleaning technician when they arrive.

For the Cleaning:
We will send a qualified cleaning technician to your home. We do ask for you to be there at the beginning of the appointment to do an initial walkthrough to point out any areas of concern or areas that may need special attention.

On the first cleaning for a home, we ask for our customers to do a final walkthrough with the cleaning technician to ensure satisfaction with the service(Please let us know in advance if you can not be there for the initial or final walkthrough). If you have any issues with our cleaning, please reach out to our office so we can resolve the situation.

Our cleaning solutions have a scent from essential oils. It is an additional cost and you must request in advance to have our service done with odorless products.

Please Click Here for a full breakdown of initial and return cleaning costs, along with more detailed information of what to expect from our cleaning.

(12th Cleaning comes free of charge for any return service agreement!)

Thank you again for choosing Be Green Services!
It is our pleasure to serve you!

The Team at Be Green