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What To Expect:

Upon Arrival - Your service provider will begin by reviewing your service details. Together, you will inspect the areas you wish to be cleaned and discuss anything that might require special attention.

At request, your service provider may move and clean underneath the furniture that one person can reasonably and safely move. Typically this includes smaller chairs, tables, and sofas.

Pre-treat - The designated areas will be raked and detailed with a professional-grade vacuum and sprayed with a pre-treatment enzyme to absorb spots and soiled areas. The pre-treatment is included in your price for regular soiling/buildup.

Please Note: Anything unusual or abnormal will require additional treatment and price changes. Examples include extreme soiling, mildew or bacteria-causing odors, pet accidents, or bodily fluids. If additional disinfectant applications are necessary, your technician will analyze the severity of the situation and adjust your quote, or you can contact one of our dispatch representatives.

Cleaning Process - Be Green Carpet Cleaning service providers use a Dry Foam Method of carpet cleaning. It is safe for children, anyone with allergies, pets, and the environment. To learn more about different carpet cleaning methods, click here.

Drying Time - Under normal conditions, the typical carpet dry time is 2-4 hours. Some situations may require more drying time. The carpets may be walked on immediately after the cleaning with light traffic.

Satisfaction Guarantee - Your service provider will conduct a final walk-through with you to ensure your satisfaction. If areas do not meet your expectations, let your service provider know so they can address them while on-site. Your cleaning is guaranteed for 30 days! Do not hesitate to contact us.

Quick Reminders

  • Do not vacuum your carpet for a minimum of 48 hours after the cleaning
  • Late cancellation fees may apply if canceling within 48 hours of the scheduled appointment
  • 3rd Floor Apartments require a $25 Fee
  • Wall-To-Wall Wool carpets are subject to additional fee
  • A 3% conviniece fee is added to all credit card payments.

Service Details:

Below is a summary of the services scheduled for your appointment. You can adjust or clarify all the specific services you need with your service provider on the day of your appointment. If you need to reschedule or change your appointment date/time, please call one of our representatives.

Groupon - $69.00
Living Rm Deodorizer 1
Dining Rm 1
Hall 1
Family 1
Den 1
Kitchen 1
Bath 1
Bed 1
Loft 1
Misc 1
Stairs 1
Landing 1
Sub-total: $0.00
Tax: $0.00
Convenience Fee: $0.00

Your Contribution:

For every booking, we donate one tree to the “One Tree Planted” charity, which supports worldwide reforestation efforts.

Thank you for being a part of the Be Green Family! We’re a conscientious company committed to doing our part to make our world a greener place. By purchasing your carpet cleaning services from us, you’re helping too 💚🌳🙏🏽

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There may be an additional charge for stairs wider than 40” or oversized landing areas. Rooms exceeding 300 sq. feet may be priced as different areas. Combined living/dining areas are considered two rooms. Large hallways and walk-in closets may be priced separately. Sofas over 72” and certain fabrics may incur additional charges. Pre-existing conditions or damage may affect pricing and results.