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Job Description and Details

Welcome to Be Green Carpet Cleaning!

Carpet Cleaners are an essential part of our operations, and we wouldn't be successful without their hard work and dedication. Carpet Cleaners are responsible for visiting clients homes, assessing cleaning needs, communicating availability and supply needs with the office, and cleaning the carpets and/or upholstery to the best of their ability.

Here at Be Green, we strive to be transparent with our contractors. We find it creates an environment more conducive to success and effectiveness when we are clear about our ideas and do not fear sharing our entire knowledge base with our hard-working Team Members. Prepare for greatness, as you embark on a journey to create an empire within our fine organization. Well-Being is our aim, for everyone involved. If you have any questions, always feel free to contact us directly. You can call or text anyone in scheduling or management on our main toll free number (855) 578-6344.

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Quick Reminders:

Here is what you can expect from our cleaning process:

We will send a qualified technician to your home. We ask that you meet our Technician there at the beginning of the appointment to point out all of the areas to be cleaned and anything that might need special attention.
He will move and clean underneath the furniture that one man can safely (usually the lighter items, for example smaller chairs and tables).
He will then vacuum the areas with a professional grade vacuum.
After that, he will pretreat for any spots or soiled areas in the carpet(This comes included in your price for any normal soiling/buildup).

Anything that is unusual or abnormal will be subject to additional fee.
Extreme Soiling, Mildew or Bacteria causing odors, or any pet soiling or bodily fluids do require additional treatment which is an additional cost. Due to the wide range of situations that we encounter, and the variance in the amount of additional product(solution) needed for different homes, the final price for these treatments is assessed and quoted once the technician is on site. (Our phone representatives can explain upfront the range of what the cost should be if you have any of these issues in your home, always feel free to call us).

Our cleaning process is known as a Dry Foam Method of cleaning.

Lastly, we have two additional products, known as our maintenance items.

First is a Germicide/Disinfectant, which is a required treatment if you have any bodily fluids, pet soiling, mildew or bacteria. Otherwise it is optional as a sanitizer, which is truly for the health benefit. Second is our Soil Retardant, or Guard, which is a protection that manufacturers recommend be applied with every cleaning between 12 to 18 months. If you have any interest in or need of these two items, they are priced while our technician is in the home. This allows us to accurately assess what the needs are for your home specifically, as we see a wide range of situations throughout different homes.

Thank you again for choosing Be Green Carpet Cleaning!
It is our pleasure to serve you!

Sincerely, The Team at Be Green --- Toll-Free # (855) 578 - 6344

Ordering Chemicals:

Use the following link to order chemicals from our website. Please keep in mind that after your order has been placed, one of our staff memebers will review it, and then once your order is approved, it will be faxed over to the manufacturer. Once the manufacturer recieves your order, they will package it and ship it (arrives in about 4 business days). Please make sure to order your chemicals at least 4 business days ahead of time. Orders placed after 2pm Mon-Friday won't be approved or faxed over to the manufacturer until the next business day. Orders placed Saturday-Sunday will not be processed until the following Monday.

Online Chemical Ordering page:


We have a total of five products that we use to clean carpeting and upholstery.

  1. Our Initial solution, our Spotter Treatment. Is a Live protein fermented and mixed with water (1:45 Ratio). It begins breaking down the present oils, fats, proteins and greases that make up a majority of carpet soiling.
  2. Our main cleaning solution or "shampoo" is a natural, biodegradable enzyme that works through encapsulation. These are naturally derived enzymes, mainly from the spinach plant, that gobble up the remaining soiling in the carpet or fabric (feel free to research this technology further, we are known as a "VLM" or Very Low Moisture Cleaner).
  3. When required, we use Citric Acid to neutralize high acidity in the water or in the carpets. This is no additional charge for this product to our clients.
  4. Our Germicide/Disinfectant is a product that does require an additional cost. This is made up of two ingredients. First is an essential oil derived either from a lemon or orange peel. Or in some cases a Wintergreen Mint leaf. The second ingredient is a natural, yet powerful Methyl Alcohol, which destroys odor causing bacteria, germs, mildew, etc.
  5. Last is our Soil Retardant. This is a Guard or Protection that also comes at an additional cost. This is a Silica(Or silicone) based product. This silicone is made from purified sand (As strange as that may sound). It is then mixed with a plant adhesive and water to create the final product. It works by filling in the clean, open pores in the carpet fibers to prevent future soiling from bonding as easily.
As a committed Natural and Organic cleaner. Our solutions are safe for children, pets, anyone with allergies and also the environment.

Chemical list:

Gel Carpet Sham - An enzyme that eats and sends oil, fat, protein, and residue into the air as a gas (carbon dioxide). Deodorizer/Disinfectant - The volume used determines its strength and function, used for severe smell or pet damage, non-severe pet damage, and normal germs and bacteria. Citric acid (Used for reversing yellowing/browning from oxidation. Also an optical brightener for very light colored carpets and fabrics. Also used to prevent oxidation when heavier moisture is required for deeper cleaning) Spotter pre-treatment This is best mixed in advance. Always have 5 gallons in stock and blue container full. Sealer guard/protection (soil retardant)

Gel Carpet Sham

Citric acid (Used for reversing and/or preventing yellowing/browning from oxidation. Also an optical brightener for very light colored carpets and fabrics. Also used to prevent oxidation when heavier moisture is required for deeper cleaning)
Spotter pre-treatment
Sealer Guard/Protection (Soil Retardant)

Required Equipment:

** PLEASE BE AWARE ** Contractor checks will be available on a weekly basis, provided that you have either approved your billing or submitted your invoice on time every Saturday

However, your first check will NOT be available immediately after your first week of work. Your first check will be available TWO WEEKS out from your first submitted billing cycle.

Carpet Cleaning Checklist:

Furniture Cleaning Process:  

Recommended Maintenance Program for Technicians - Your ultimate guideline to learning consistency and how NOT to cross the Carpet Cleaner/Salesman line.

We would encourage our service providers to to introduce themselves with enthusiasm!

Show the client the work order on your mobile device.

Ask the client to point out the areas to be cleaned and do a quick walk through with them while taking photos and notes.

Before and after photos not only show the quality of our work, they protect all parties involved.